Shop is Closed!

Thank You for the support!

The past few years have been an amazing experience, living out my dream, and owning my own bike shop. While most of the time it has been an absolutely huge experience, and tremendous opportunity. After many discussions over the past few weeks, Keli and I have decided it’s time to close up shop.

I absolutely love working on bikes, and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many new people, helping all our customers, and integrating into our community on a whole other level.

The day to day of running a business, while I’ve learned a lot, and have gained a huge appreciation for, has led to a lifestyle that isn’t as enjoyable as I would prefer. Stepping back, sometimes is a step forward. I am looking forward to continuing work in the bike industry in some capacity in the future, along with spending more (hopefully lower stress) time with my family!

We very much appreciate all the support everyone has given us over the years! We look forward

to seeing everyone in on the road, and trails in the future!!